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The worst terror attack ever witnessed in mumbai, india yesterday Nov. 26. There was reportedly 11 attacks and so far the more than 101 dead and around 300 injured. There seems indiscriminate mindless heinous assault on streets and public places like railway stations etc. It’s saddening to see that these maniacs can carry out such horrendous acts and my prayers and hearts are with the victims of such a terror attack on innocent people.

People behind this should be viewed as enemies of humanity irrespective of religious affiliation. They should be punished and made an example of.

Will update more as it gets updated.

Michael Jackson 'to become a Muslim', yes thats right, thats the headline in the media today,

Other Headlines
Telegraph's Headline: Michael Jackson 'converts to Islam and changes name to Mikaeel'

The Sun's Headline: The way you Mecca me feel

There has been rumour for many years and discussions that he became a muslim once in a while and he refutes it back or keeps silent. One thing that I do not understand is that people used to spread this news as if he had done some favor..., I personally think, its other way around.

May Almighty guide everyone.

CNN's Jessica Yellin goes holographic to chat with Wolf Blitzer from Chicago - first ever report in television, very impressive...

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