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Guess what?....


  1. Rayees Ahamed  

    dustbin mela work pannitu irkaanga , but why ?

  2. ANnOyiNg apple mightY MOUSe  


    may b they didnt find anything better than trash bin in that room!

    trashBin-study+table=chit chat (vetti talk)

    may b planning to build the twin towel.....prototype with 2 trash bin :P

    for sure there were 3 ppl in that discussion.....2 were sitting, and one who took the pic and sent the post....edhula "guess what" nnu oru question vera....

  3. Jaffar  


    'coz they couldn't get a table :), they made it out of dust bin

    @ ANnOyiNg,

    wow.. wow... too much of imagingation....

    I was just amazed at their determination, and remembered the phrase, 'necessity is the mother of all inventions'

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