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Here are the top 5 reasons why Desi parents in the West want their offsprings to be a doctor:

5. Noble Work ( I know you are laughing, come on, after all, thats how it was)

4. Financial Stability ( Unless one has high-paid-insurance )

3. They will be busy studying to the extent they have no social life (son/daughter wouldn't even think about anything other than books :P )

2. When they are old, they can get free medical service, no need to worry about Medicaid :)

1. Easy to find a desi spouse 

by the way, when I say doctor, i mean physician, by no means I mean doctors who have PhD (Poor hungry Doctors - Pira hua Dimaagh) , whose parents do not benefit except 3 and/or may be 5.


  1. Rayees Ahamed  


    wonderful topic !

    PhD ku ipdi oru new definition aa !!

    The Top reason is absolutely true, aim is not just desi spouse, but a Doctor spouse ...

    World is materialistic, some ask dowry while some donot but demand the spouse to be Doctor/MBA/Engineer/CA ( should b rich in earning ability ) ....

  2. -=A.R.N.=-  

    Very true..

    Especially the part with the desi spouse

    "My son is a doctor; he works in Ameerika"

  3. Jaffar  

    @Rayees bhai,

    PhD kku innoru definition kooda irukku (Hindi/Urdu defintion):

    PhD: Pira hua Dimaagh



    I guess that monologue won't be catchy anymore at this economy...

    probably there wont be monologue anymore, probably the dialogue would be...

    "My son is a doctor; he works in Ameerika"

    'How long is his visa valid, i read new president is kicking the immigrants out'


  4. ANnOyiNg apple mightY MOUSe  

    phD means.......:D

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